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Mrs. Brown

Welcome to U.S. History! My name is Amy Brown and I'm so excited to be at Rockdale Jr. High this year.
This year we will be learning the history of the United States from Colonial times through the Civil War and Reconstruction. I use a variety of things to help history come alive for my students. Expect to learn through art, music, movies, literature, and anything else I can think of to keep it interesting.  
A few things to know about me.
  • Married to Jake
    • 4 children (Murphy-26, Michael-25, Sara-22, Emma-18)
      • 3 granddaughters (Murphy's girls: Molly-5,Charlie-3, and Sara's baby: Robyn-10 months) who I will talk about a lot!
    • 1 stubborn cat (Sugar) and 1 tiny hyper dog (Roman)
  • I love musicals and this year I've based many things in my classroom off of the Broadway musical Hamilton.
  • I believe that everyone can try and has the power to do great things.
  • I hold my students to high standards because I believe they can deliver. 
  • I believe mistakes are a chance to learn and try again.