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TSA Invitational
March 28th, 2019

3:15 Scratch Meeting (all changes must be completed by 3:45pm)
4:15 All Field Events
Shot (ring 1) 7B 8B
Shot (ring2) 7G 8G
Discus (ring 1) 8B 7B
Discuss (ring 2) 8G 7G
High Jump #1 7B 8B
High Jump #2 7G 8G
Long Jump Pit #1 7G, 8G
Long Jump Pit #2 7B 8B
Triple Jump Pit #1 8G 7G
Triple Jump Pit #2 8B 7B
Pole Vault 7th G (5’6”) 8th G (6’0”) 7th B (6’6”) 8th B (7’0”)
Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot, & Discus will receive three attempts each. (They must take their
first two attempts together, but can hold their third if they choose)
2400 will start 4:30pm.
Running events will begin after the 2400 and without interfering with field events.
The order of divisions for the running events will be 7th girls, 8th girls, 7th boys, 8th boys.
Order of Running Events
1. 400 Relay
2. 800m Run
3. 100 Hurdles (30”)
4. 110 Hurdles (36”)
5. 100m Dash
6. 800 Relay
7. 400m Dash
8. 300 Hurdles (30”)
9. 200m Dash
10.1600m Run(7th Boys & Girls/8th Boys & Girls Together)
11.1600 Relay

The following is the form to use to order school pictures.  Please note the new policy that these are due within 5 days after the day the picture has been taken or a late fee will be charged by the photographer.