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Otte, Ann » Mrs. Otte

Mrs. Otte

  • Graduated from Sam Houston State University.. many years ago.. 
  • Married to Tim .. many years ago too
  • We live on our Ranch, while our children visiting for food and money! 
  • The boys ..Taylor and Tyler are grown up. Tyler is in college at Waco TSTC and Taylor is working on the farm keeping it going smoothly. 
  • My hobbies would include gardening, flower beds, raising animals (including the kids), and of course... YouTube videos!
phone 512-430-6100 ext 3026
conference: 6th period

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Schedule for Mrs. Otte, Math Class:)
1st pd- 8th grade math
2nd pd - PLC 
3rd pd - Algebra
4th pd - Algebra
5th pd - 8th grade math
B lunch
6th pd - Conference
7th pd - 8th grade math
8th pd - 8th grade math