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Welcome to Rockdale Junior High School Athletics!

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Eric Willard

JH Boys Athletics Coordinator, JH Football, Basketball & Track Coach

Morgan Holly

JH Girls Athletics Coordinator, JH Head Volleyball, HS Asst Girls (JV) Basketball

Nathanael Clifford

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, JH Football, Basketball, and Track Coach

Hudson Evans

Administrative Intern, JH Football & Basketball Coach

Zachary Lay

JH Health Teacher, HS Asst. Football & Basketball (9th) Coach, JH Track Coach

Cheryl Meuth

6th Grade Math Teacher, JH/HS Head Cross Country Coach, JH/HS Track Coach

Shailey Miller

Special Education Aide, JH Volleyball, Basketball & Track Coach

De'Jhoria Robertson

Instructonal Aide, JH Volleyball & Basketball Coach, JH/HS Track Coach

Melanie Seltzer

Chemistry Teacher, HS Head Volleyball Coach, HS/JH Head Tennis Coach